My beloved
Labrador retriever used to sulk off and pant in our darkened bedroom when he
was out-of-sorts and feeling abused.
ample reason for chastened Democrats to feel out-of-sorts and abused in the
current political situation. Like my Labrador, they have chosen to sulk off and
pant when the country and their (majority) supporters need them most. I can
forgive my dog and rub him behind the ears to make him feel better and get a
quivering wag from his tail, but I feel more like kicking the Democratic
leadership (?) in their recalcitrant butts.

Week one and
two in the Trump administration has offended so many constituencies worldwide
as to be nearly beyond count. The worst Cabinet in living memory is before the Senate
at one stage or another, several of them already confirmed.
John Kelly has been confirmed as United States secretary of
Homeland Security. Possibly okay, because Homeland Security hasn’t yet been
able to find its own ass, no matter who ran it. James (Mad Dog) Mattis is the
new secretary of Defense with but a single vote against him. The Democrats were
apparently curled up in the Senate cloakroom, tails trembling and heads between
their paws.
Governor Nikki Haley made it as U.S. ambassador to the United
Nations, although she has no foreign policy experience and shockingly committed
herself to ‘taking names’ of nations not towing the American line. Dems were
still looking dolefully up from between their paws. Elaine Chao was a shoo-in
for secretary of Transportation, experienced and able. A relieved pant-pant
escapes from the darkened cloakroom.
And so we come to Rex Tillerson, Exxon CEO and Trump’s
nominee for secretary of State, confirmed by the Senate on a 56-43 vote. No
growls about his (and Trump’s) business interests in Russia, but he ‘faced
scrutiny’ from Democrats before they trailed back into the darkness, dragging
their feet and whimpering. No problem with the Exxon partnership with the
Russians to drill in the Arctic Ocean. No ‘difficulties’ over Exxon’s decades
long denial of climate change and/or their stated intention to drill, drill,
drill until either the oil or the planet is depleted. Scrutiny rather than
principle ruled the day.
There is
increasing speculation that Republicans, fearful of their diminishing
opportunities in the 2018 mid-term elections, may begin to turn against their
president. With the entire Democratic Congress panting in a dark room, that may
be what finally arrives to undo this deplorable presidency. Can you imagine?
were able to lock out and lock down most of the Obama initiative even when they
were in the minority in both houses
of the Congress. Ugly as that may have been, they were clever and alert,
standing on all fours with their teeth barred. No slinking off by that crowd.
With the three most controversial and dangerous (to the nation) confirmations
yet to come—Treasury, Environmental Protection and Justice, not to mention a
Supreme Court nominee—where do you want to lay your bets, folks?
And these
sissies actually won the popular vote.
Down boy. Back to your dark room to lick
your wounds