Slithering and skidding across a life.

A Long Road Bending

This life is one long love-song
and I’ve trouble with the lyrics
Yet you still smile from the piano
when I’ve forgotten words,
then hold me up, never holding on
Allowing me another breath
I’m afraid to look you in the eye
It’s easier to glance away,
always hope to find some sense
for me in penning notes
Forever trying to find a name
for the ghosting nameless

Reaching after description, a sense
of times gone, choices made
and lived so long ago
They’re foggy now and yet
my heartbeat sometimes quickens
and there’s a tight fist
somewhere in the middle
of my self esteem
A swallowing of missed opportunities
And gulping away the fear
So, what is there in looking back
that rings true?

What looks right and sounds like music
that’s not too over-scored and
manipulated to meet
whatever’s the current need

Is a hit tune really quite that good,
or does the whole thing
depend on rhythm and beat,
woofed and tweeted, amplified?
Scores written across night skies
in blue-black ink
Small wonder it’s obscure
lying here, looking up

Maybe I’ve just not found
the proper key, still humming
and it seems beyond me,
stays just out of reach
Play it again Sam, it’s got to be
a sort of mirror-writing,
clear in the reflection
I’m obviously standing here and
looking for the proper shade of green
in a whole damn forest
Sorting through brambly underbrush
for one clear thought

Otherwise I’ve tricked the truth
and truths have a way
of tricking back when least expected
They jump up and bite me in the ankle
It’s simple enough, this mucking about
from day to day
The struggle for a song is mostly
maintenance on several levels
Offering a comparative economic choice
on the Mercedes-Meter,
when any fool should know
that a motorcycle fills the bill

With someone on the back I care about,
arms around my waist
The maps all left behind for those
who look for destinations
Running with me and the wind,
singing phrasings in my ear
Making time to lay on grassy-banks
and let it slide a while
Wandering and wondering along with me
where it all will end
If we’ll find the song we’ve written
is finally just a long road bending

Poetry Collection: Corner of My Mind
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Jim Freeman’s
poetry collection

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