I don’t write much rhyming poetry . . . this one’s from outer space.

Calling Card in Rhyme

An asteroid is what they claim
filled the skies with muddy rain,
killed off all the vegetation,
left the dinos without ration
Only smaller stuff survived
and, in time, mankind arrived

The rock from space might well have missed,
a better thing, I must insist
If dinosaurs were still around,
asphalt wouldn’t cover ground,
the air would not be so polluted,
the laws of nature convoluted

Don’t lament, there’s more rocks out there
and scientists without a doubt care
much about what’s in the heavens
and think we’ll keep on rolling sevens
Still, dinosaur-times came up craps,
a lesson to us all perhaps

To think about the state of grace
that came to us from outer-space,
to use our time and use it soon,
cleaning up the mess we’ve strewn
For who knows why and who knows when,
a calling-card may come again

Poetry Collection: Broken Pieces
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