Things are not as they seem . . . even things that are as they seem are not as they seem.

Hearing Red as Blue

If you’ve ever listened to your recorded voice
and heard yourself
as others hear you
and thought it wasn’t you
I propose it’s because you hear yourself from outside
as well as inside
as you speak the words
A unique perspective
Stay with me, there’s a point I’ll try to make

When you’re misunderstood and frustrated
that they don’t get the point
that seems so clear
The same strange happenstance probably applies
And not so strange perhaps,
if you think about it
Your conversation coming from that inside-place
where what’s meant
isn’t always heard

Our intentions may be hidden deep inside and layered
with endless complication,
paintings over paintings,
a collage of mystery
we hardly understand ourselves
Small wonder why, as we persist in saying white
that they keep hearing black,
or gray on a good day
Mixed messages, with an inside and outside, like a voice

You deserve a thoughtful conclusion from this theory
and I’ve none to give,
sorry about that, forgive me
Took me a long time to get this far and yet I hope
you agree it may be true,
unless it’s red, or blue
depending on how you hear it
So draw your own conclusion and let me know
I’ll likely get it wrong and hear you differently

Poetry Collection: The Smell of Tweed and Tobacco
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Jim Freeman’s
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