Christmas is the hardest time to be alone.

Hope of Snow

Prague is quiet, this Christmas-Eve day,
the recent snow dissolved
into a mild light rain,
while Chicago opens its stores
for the final mad rush
Every escalator at Water Tower Place
jammed with last-minute shoppers

But it’s hushed in this river city,
the last Christmas-carp
from the lakes of Trebon
taken home for a traditional dinner
In a moment, the rain outside my window
has turned to gentle snow,
collecting in the gutters

Scattered trams on holiday-schedule
track their way in winding ribbons
and there’s a rustle across the city
of wrapping paper and secrecy
Tonight I’ll walk these cobbled streets,
as Chicago closes down
Seven time-zones of troubled peace away

Europe or America, we share a hope
for softly falling snow at Christmas
and offer up our smiles
and brightly wrapped packages
to the same excited children
Here in Prague and there in Chicago,
we are all children in the snow

Poetry Collection: Corner of My Mind
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