The wars of love are not often evenly contested.

No Contest

Months of broken peace
you couldn’t call a war,
or a relationship,
too brief for that
Guerilla fighting anyway
and raids by terrorists,
but the truces
were something else again
The firefights were brief
and then a run for cover,
as she withdrew
in orderly grace
and I scrabbled
up the nearest hill
A final armistice agreed
and prisoners exchanged

But she’d made captive
all my front line troops,
while I only briefly held
her passing interest
No matter, it was done
in neutral territory,
as my pride and pain
staggered home
and her fascination
crossed too easily
into the waiting arms
of someone else
I’d have to say the casualties
were mostly mine
and I’ll admit it was
no contest from the start

Poetry Collection: Corner of My Mind
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Jim Freeman’s
poetry collection

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