Is ‘family life’ but a mystified nostalgia?

Putting it to You

I put it to you that the family life
we look back upon with such nostalgia,
was mostly narrowed by the opportunities
we shared, as far as limited horizons allowed
A family together, too confined to be apart
and that’s not always a bad thing
An early lesson that money buys control

I put it to you we misbelieve our kids
and wring our hands, half scared to death,
yet they mirror us and look to us
and they are not the ones
who’ve sold our future inheritance
And if you listen, you’ll be stunned
at how they care for one another

I put it to you, laws of the conservation of matter
allow no addition or subtraction, only change
And history records our slaughter, wrapped in robes,
resistant to the change in one enlightened mind
And so it goes, so it has ever gone,
seven centuries back, seven more ahead
All in fear of the blazing moment that’s our life

I put it to you

Poetry Collection: Broken Pieces
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